Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Hound Got Tricked by the Brotherhood

This one may be a stretch by nevertheless it's a connection my mind made while watching the show. I'll make it quick:

This guy is a Red Prist (like Milassandra) who can revive the dead at will:

But reviving the dead won't necessarily heal any wounds, atleast it leaves a nasty scar:

This guy revives the hound, becomes his only friend, and convinces him to fight for a worthy cause:

Brother Ray gets murdered along with all of the villagers The Hound was growing to love. But Brother Ray is the only one that is killed by hanging:

When The Hound is on a his revenge he finds that the perpetraitors of the murder (fourd men who massacred an entire village before the hound could run to rescue them at an ear shot) are about to be hang:

When the hound wants to cut a limb off he's stopped, and told they're not butchers.

It's rather odd that the reason that The Hound joins the brotherhood is due to the advice from Brother Ray. It's also odd that Brother Ray got hanged. When The Hound wanted to wound the perpetrators he wasn't allowed to. If these men were choked to death, they could be revived by the red priest without any signs of injury. If they receive a wound, this won't be healed. If The Hound cuts off a hand, it won't grow again.

It may be possible that it was all a con game (the villagers did legitimately die) between the brotherhood and brother ray to get the Hound to join the fight along the brotherhood.

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